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Speech-Language Evaluations: A complete evaluation is conducted and recommendations for treatment are made, along with appropriate referrals. The evaluation typically takes about two hours and involves an interview, testing, clinical observation, and consultation with the family.

Audiology Evaluations: Complete diagnostic audiological evaluations are conducted to assess hearing status. If hearing loss is detected, recommendations are made concerning rehabilitative measures that may be of benefit to the individual.

Treatment: Once an evaluation has been completed, an appropriate intervention program is formulated to meet the individual's needs. This may involve individual or group treatment. Sessions are usually held twice a week for one hour. Family members may observe or participate in these sessions. Our facility has state-of-the-art computer equipment to assist in the diagnosis and remediation of a variety of disorders.  Below is a list of treatment services and programs we offer.

Attendance Policy: To ensure maximum benefit from therapy services, consistent attendance is essential, as each session is important to progress.   If a client is unable to maintain attendance for 80% of scheduled sessions, services may be discontinued at any point in the semester.

Clinical Services:

Auditory Processing
Language Literacy
Speech and language difficulties caused by stroke or head injury
Tongue Thrust
Voice Disorders

Specialty Programs:

Accent-Reduction Program
Aphasia Support Group (see below for detail)
Intensive Fluency Program
Intensive Language-Literacy Program

Stroke & Hope Group: Stroke & Hope is a support group for those living with aphasia and their caregivers. Individuals with aphasia and their children, spouses, parents, and friends are welcome. Group includes members who acquired aphasia due to strokes, brain tumors, traumatic brain injuries, and other causes. All levels of communication are welcome. Some of us use assistive devices or communication books; others communicate using a combination of gesture, speech, and writing.

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Speech-Language Pathology

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